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The Mission

Like many things, the Covid-19 Pandemic got it all started. When the packing plants shut down, meat prices went up while farmers were forced to sell their animals for pennies on the dollar. Many farmers couldn’t sell their animals at all and were forced to euthanize them. At this moment we decided it was time to give control back to the farmers and ranchers in this country. As President John F. Kennedy said, “The farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale, and pays the freight both ways.” We want to give farmers and ranchers another avenue to market their products. Thus, Farmmerce was born, a platform where consumers know where their food comes, and producers get paid their fair share. Cutting out middlemen and the Big Four corporations that control most of the meat market. Farmmerce doesn’t stop at just the buying and selling of goods, we want to make an impact on agriculture and use this platform as an educational tool as well. Many people in the United States have no idea how the food they eat is produced. We plan to expand across the entire United States and ensure both producers and consumers get the fair prices they truly deserve.

The People

Jacob Miller

I currently attend The Ohio State University majoring in Agribusiness and Applied Economics. I grew up on a former dairy farm, we now grow corn, soybeans and I have a couple goats. Growing up I was very active in both 4-H and FFA. I have worked as an intern for AgriGold Hybrids and WinField United. Currently, I am a member of the Ohio State University Livestock Judging Team.

From the time my eighth grade English teacher told me dairy farmers “just throw their calves in the ditch” I have wanted to find a way to spread the truth about agriculture and better the relationship between farmers and the general public. After seeing a lot of talk on social media about farmers selling their products directly I decided that I wanted to build a platform that would help farmers connect with consumers. I think one day we will look back and see that COVID-19 was the catalyst for a radical change in the American food supply chain.

Kelly Penquite

Growing up in Southwest Ohio I was fortunate enough to be brought up on two family farms. My passion for agriculture started while taking projects in 4H and shadowing my hardworking family members who run their farms each day.  

 I’m a 2016 graduate of Wilmington College with an Agribusiness degree. During my time at Wilmington I had several opportunities to visit Washington DC and advocate for agriculture and the everyday farmer. I was fortunate to be able to intern for Seed Consultants and ADM crop risk services during my college years. I currently work as a crop insurance adjuster in southern Ohio for ARMtech Insurance Services. Working daily with farmers and visiting their operations has been a great learning experience and has fueled me to want to make my mark on the industry. 

 My wife Baylah and I plan to continue expanding our involvement in agriculture as we start a family this summer and hope to continue to instill the importance of agriculture in the generation that we will soon be making an everlasting impression on.

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